Durga Prasad (Cherry)

Durga Prasad hails from India. He began dancing at the age of nine. His inspiration to dance manifested out of his love for Bollywood and Tollywood films. As a teenager he won dance competitions at the local, regional, and national level. This continued until he left for Italy to pursue a career in computer science.

   While studying at Cafoscari University, Durga worked as a freelance dance instructor. Although no longer competing, his talent did not go unnoticed by those around him. His European peers began approaching him with increasing numbers requesting dance lessons. Out of popular demand, Durga started his own dance class in Venice, Italy. This was only for a time, as he eventually departed for Silicon Valley.

   Durga Prasad has returned to the world of dance. Max Dance Company has recently signed him as an assistant instructor. Mr. Prasad's return could not have come at a better time or a better place. The world class mentorship and training provided by Max Dance will no doubt unlock his true potential. His levels of commitment, energy, flair, and resplendence are usually only found in talent of the highest caliper. Durga Prasad has joined Max Dance Company to deeply inspire others with dance. He hopes share that love of dance he received long, long ago from the heroes of Bollywood and Tollywood.

Latest News

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MDC next mega bollywood event Spring "Bolly Fusion 2016" happening at Ohlony college Smith Center on May 15th.

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MDC Team performing in Sohail Khan event on June 21st, 2014.



Max Dance Company next mega showcase "Bolly-Fusion 2015" to be held on Sunday June 7, 2015. Over 150 dancers including students and dance professionals of Max Dance Company would hit the dance floor . Contact us for Sponsorship & Ticketing Details.



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MDC Team rocked the stage at Valentin Bash, Milpitas on 14th Feb,2014. Check out the Gallery for pictures!


MDC Team is thrilled and excited to perform in united for good event at Richmond on Feb 8th. Thousands of people watched our live hip hop performance. Thanks everyone for the cheer and support.The event was full of hollywood celebrities like Mario Lopez, mindless behavior, En vogue and Nicole Sydney.Special Thanks to Mario B for giving us this platform!