About Us

MDC (Max Dance Company) is founded in 2013 to teach dance to kids and adults in more than 5 locations across bay area. We have world class instructors trained in various dance forms. MDC pro team has performed shows for the world's best companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, performed for San Francisco's basketball team in January, and was part of Utsav Show, presented by Star Plus. Several stars have witnessed our performances in India and the US, such as for example cricketer Sreesanth

MDC (Max Dance Company) is a bay area based Bollywood dance company. Our mission is to make dance styles accessible to everyone & give everyone a chance to "Feel like a star". And by everyone, we really mean everyone! We have classes for ALL. We teach Bollywood dance to adults and have some unique programs to kids as young as age 5.Our class consists of two parts. First half is dedicated to Bollywood groove cardio classes & second half is purely dance. Our dance style is always a fusion of various dance forms like Bollywood, freestyle, hip-hop, modern contemporary, salsa etc. We are known for being both incredibly fun and extremely effective. So come on by and we will make sure you to give me a unique experience of fun filled dance!

In April 2013, we organized our first show "Bollywood Fusion-2013", at the Jewish Commercial Centre in Palo Alto, had over 120 dancers performing a potpourri of Salsa, Hip-hop, Western, and Bollywood, Bharatanatyam, Kalari and Indian contemporary dance. The well-known Teresa Cox, Trade Advisor to Obama Administration was the chief guest at the show.This show also helped raise funds for Sahayata, an India(Punjab)-based NGO, and Sarvaguna, a NGO based in the US, for organizing free medical camps to the poor in both the countries.

Latest News

MDC next mega bollywood event Spring "Bolly Fusion 2017" happening at Ohlony college Smith Center on May 14th.

MDC next mega bollywood event Fall "Bolly Fusion 2016" happening at Ohlony college Smith Center on Nov 20th.

MDC next mega bollywood event Spring "Bolly Fusion 2016" happening at Ohlony college Smith Center on May 15th.

MDC next mega bollywood event Fall "Bolly Fusion 2015" happening at Ohlony college Smith Center on Dec 6th.

MDC next mega bollywood event Spring "Bolly Fusion 2015" happening at Redwood City on June 7th.


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Thanks to all our BollyFusion 2015  sponsors!!! Alliance IT, Sagar Exclusive, Nitin Jwelers, Little Champs, PNG Jwelers, Sweet Carving, Sunnyvale Dentists...


MDC Team performing in Sohail Khan event on June 21st, 2014.



Max Dance Company next mega showcase "Bolly-Fusion 2015" to be held on Sunday June 7, 2015. Over 150 dancers including students and dance professionals of Max Dance Company would hit the dance floor . Contact us for Sponsorship & Ticketing Details.



MDC is selected to perform in Standford Holi event every year!!



MDC Team rocked the stage at Valentin Bash, Milpitas on 14th Feb,2014. Check out the Gallery for pictures!


MDC Team is thrilled and excited to perform in united for good event at Richmond on Feb 8th. Thousands of people watched our live hip hop performance. Thanks everyone for the cheer and support.The event was full of hollywood celebrities like Mario Lopez, mindless behavior, En vogue and Nicole Sydney.Special Thanks to Mario B for giving us this platform!